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About Us is owned by Overthings, S.L. we are a company located on Palma Mayorca and our offices are located on Parc Bit (Parc Balear d’Innovació Tecnológica), a technologic park were the main technologic enterprises from the Baleares Islands are located, which serves as motivation for us to keep pushing forward day after day creating new projects of our own and many more projects in collaboration with these other companies.

This website came to be after the collaboration with one of these companies which niche is to develop online games, and this motivated us to create a website which offered objective information about various sites in which to play online bingo in Spain, whether it be free to play or pay to play. offers every possible information available about the different possible sites in which to play online bingo, analyzing the pros and cons about each alternative and platform so that our readers are able to decide in which site they want to play and know what to expect from each of them.

The content that we create is totally objective and independent from any of the online bingo websites that we talk about and we don’t charge anything for it. Our only revenues are obtained when, through one of our affiliation programs, the reader registers on these sites through our website.

Contact Information:

Address: Ctra. Valldemossa, km. 7.4 Edif.U 13, 07121 Palma, Spain.
E-mail: soporte [at] overthings [point] com