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Christmas Cashback at Sun Bingo

Christmas is a good time for most bingo platforms to launch new promotions, some of them very attractive.

The promotion we will be talking about today comes from Sun Bingo and consists of a bonus in the form of a cashback.

The Cashback bonus is based on a percentage; in this case, 2%; of the losses we make playing bingo during the days of the promotion.

This way, we can be more relaxed while playing as we know that at best we can win a bingo prize, but at worst we can take compensation for our losses.

christmas cashback

How does this promotion work?

The promotion will be available from 00.00h on Monday 18 December until 23.59h on Sunday 24. During these days, playing in any bingo room between 00:00-23:59 you can be compensated for the losses you may lose if you don’t win the games.

Compensation will be 2% of the amount lost, up to a maximum limit of £5 per day. This cashback will be paid the next day.

For example: If on day 18 you make a loss of £100, on day 19 you will get a bonus of £2.

How is this bonus makes free?

To be able to make free this Cashback bonus, you must wager the bonus amount three times. Therefore, in the example above, you should bet these 2£x3=£6 to be able to make free the bonus.

In addition, you must place these bets within 7 days of obtaining the bonus. Otherwise, the bonus will disappear from your account.

Get your Christmas Cashback

This is all the details of this promotion. We hope you enjoy it and have a merry Christmas party.

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