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Mundigames Bingo

Mundigames is a free online gaming platform that houses many active users in our country. They form part of Akamon Entertainment and in recent years they have experienced a virtuous growth.

But let’s head to what really concerns us,  Mundigames Bingo!

mundigames bingo

On Mundigames we find a fantastic free online bingo game. When it was launched on November 2008 it had great acceptance, and in only 24 hours, already around 1,000 users were playing it.

It has more than 60 different rooms to play in, each of them with different characteristics, like the number of boards in play and the speed of the matches.

The game is very simple and intuitive, we only have to choose the room we want to go in, buy the boards we want to and, let’s play!

Besides, in each room we can chat with other players as we wait for the match to develop, and we don’t have to worry about missing a number, it’s all done automatically and the machine shouts and marks our numbers itself.

Another one of the function it has is its mini-games, we can play different rooms, which are shown on the top right hand of the screen, the ‘’ Mini Spin’’, ‘’ Mini Bingo’’ and ‘’ Mini Poker’’.

This free online bingo game is also available to play form the Mundigames web or downloading the app to our devices, even if they are android or iOS driven.