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How to play Bingo

Do you want to know how to play Bingo? The first thing you need to know is that there is 4 variations or game modes of Bingo: Bingo 90, Bing80, Bingo 75 and Bingo 30. Additionally, bingo can be played online with other players or traditionally. In this explanation on how to play bingo we concentrate on online bingo. On the other hand, there are other game modes typically found on casinos such as VideoBingo, a game mode similar to slots because you can’t play with other players and the matches are fast.

Bingo is composed of a raffle wit numbered balls (in the case of online bingo it’s a virtual version of it) and random numbered boards. In order to play a match you need to take one of the balls at random out of the raffle and then shout the number printed on it. As players we will have to mark each number that is drafter out of the raffle if it’s shown on our board or boards. Before the match starts we have to buy as many boards as we like, as long as we stay within the limit, which is established beforehand, on some occasions the limit is pre-established in some online bingo sites. The value of each board is also pre-established before the matches.

The objective of the game is to mark each and every number in our board or to complete one line before anyone does. If we are the first ones to complete a line, we shout line and we get the accumulated pot for the line, and if we get to mark every number on the board we could take all the pot for bingo. We have to keep in mind that you can only shout line or bingo once per match, that way only one or two people get to take the pots. Once you shout bingo, the game has ended. We also have to keep in mind that the game Raffle differs in this particular aspect, so we have to pay attention and not confuse the two games. Is possible that when two or more players shout line at the same time the pot is shared between all of the players involved.

Regarding the variations of bingo mentioned at the beginning (bingo 90, bingo 80, bingo 75 and bingo 30), the variations refer to the amount of balls that are in play during the match, 90 balls bingo matches being commonly the fastest ones.

90 balls Bingo

90 balls bingo, also called “British Bingo is the game mode that has won more followers all over the world.

90 balls bingo cards

This game mode is played with a 27 boxes card, distributed between 3 lines and 9 columns, each line has 5 random numbers from 1 to 90 and the card has a total of 15 numbers that we have to mark if we want to win the match. The rest of the boxes are blank.

In this game we can buy the cards on a strip, each strip has 6 consecutive cards. Being consecutive means that the 6 cards contain the 90 bingo numbers distributed randomly across the card.

Type of prizes

In 90 balls bingo there are 3 different type of prizes. The first one is “one line”, which we win when we get to mark every number of the same line. The second one is “two lines”, which we win when we mark the numbers in two of the lines. If we play more than one card there is a possibility of winning “two lines” on different cards. Lastly, the fat prize is the onem we get when we mark each and every number on the card and we shout BINGO!

80 balls bingo

80 Ball Bingo is possibly the kind of bingo that people like best, this is so for several reasons: On the one hand, it is easier and faster to be played, on the other hand, it delivers higher prizes.

80 Ball Bingo Cards

Each card is composed of 4 lines and 4 columns giving us a total of 16 numbers. Each column has a different color from the others and also some number limits. Meaning that the numbers from 1 to 20 are grouped in the first column, on the second column we find the numbers grouped from 21 to 40, in the third column the numbers 41 to 59 are grouped together and in the last column the group of numbers we find is from 60 to 80.

Type of prizes

In 80 balls bingo exist various types of prizes. The main prize, as you can imagine, is bingo, and consist of marking each and every number on our card, meaning, 16 numbers. On the other hand, we can also win prizes when we complete horizontal and vertical lines, the middle square box or the four corners.

That’s why many people love this game mode of bingo, because there are many ways in which to win prizes, although we have to keep in mind the quantities of the prizes may vary depending on which one it is we win.

75 balls bingo

75 balls bingo is considered the most traditional bingo game mode. Also called “American Bingo”, known for the prizes you win when you get to make specific shapes on the board.

75 balls bingo cards

75 balls bingo cards are composed by 24 numbers distributed amongst a spreadsheet of five lines by five columns (the middle box is blank). Above the spreadsheet is a line containing 5 boxes and each of the boxes has a letter of the word BINGO.

For each of the letters we find a group of numbers on a vertical line, which are organized on the following way:

On the letter “B” we find the numbers 1 to 15.
On the letter “I” we find the numbers 16 to 30.
On the letter “N” we find the numbers 31 to 45.
On the letter “G” we find the numbers 46 to 60.
On the letter “O” we find the numbers 61 to 75.

Types of prizes

75 balls bingo, just like 80 balls, offers a multitude of possibilities. Just as any of the game modes, the biggest prize is given when we mark each and every number on our card, which in this case are 24, and we shout BINGO. Some other ways to win prizes in this mode are completing each of the columns, making shapes, for example a letter inside the square, a 4 point star, a cross, a square, etc.

30 balls bingo

This game mode is commonly known as ‘’Speed Bingo’’. The main characteristic of this bingo game mode is that, as it’s own name indicates, is the short duration of each match.

This game is made to accommodate a large number of players in the same match, and the emotion and tension are far greater than in other game modes.

It’s one of the most modern game modes of bingo existing as of today and it was created specifically for online bingo.

30 balls bingo cards

This game mode of bingo is played with a 9 numbers card, from 1 to 30, and they are distributed amongst a spreadsheet of 3 lines by 3 columns. For this reason is called “Speed Bingo”, because when we play with so few numbers, prizes are won faster. And it’s this speed what makes it even more possible to win, because we can win more matches in less time.

Type of prizes

In the basic version of 30 balls bingo the only way to win is marking the nine numbers of the board, because there is only one possible prize, BINGO. There are no prizes for horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines, and you can’t make shapes with the angles, like squares or corners either.

In the online version, to make the game faster and even better and more interesting, some of the bingo operators have launched a new version for this game mode that include two new winning combinations, besides the traditional one. One of the variants consists on marking the first horizontal line and the other variant consists on marking the first and the second.

Besides, there are many existing possibilities that various players get some of these prizes simultaneously, thus the prize is shared between them.

Easy to understand, right? Now you know how to play bingo and you are ready to try, take a look at the available casinos in Britain: