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Basic concepts of Bingo

In this section we will teach you a series of basic concepts of bingo in order for you to learn more about the game and nothing gets past you.

Cards: The cards are one of the main pieces of bingo. It’s a spreadsheet which shows a series of random numbers. Depending on which kind of bingo we play we will find more or even less numbers. Each card can only be used for one match and then is useless.

Númbers: These are the protagonists of the match. We have to mark then on the card if we have them. Definitively, these numbers will make us win the match, providing we have the right ones.

Balls: These are small balls and each has a number engraved. They spin around inside the raffle machine, until said machine stops and one of them gets drafted, then the number engraved is shout out loud. Depending on which game mode we play, inside the raffle machine there are always as many balls as numbers are in play.

Raffle machine: Most commonly known as “raffle” serves as storage for the balls in play on a match. The raffle spins in order to mix the balls until it stops and drafts a ball.

90 balls bingo: This is the most played game mode of bingo in the world. The name says it, it consists of 90 balls, each of them with a different number, from 1 to 90. Each card has 15 numbers which we have to mark if we want to win the match.

75 balls bingo: This game mode is also very known, although the place in which is played the most is North-America, In this mode of bingo there are 75 balls in play, each of them with a number. Each card has 25 numbers, which we want to mark if we want to win the match.

80 balls bingo: As it’s name indicates, it is played with 80 balls and 80 numbers. Each card has 16 numbers.

Progressive jackpot: It’s simply a pot that keeps growing as the matches are being played. It keeps growing because in each match a percentage of the bets gets redirected directly to the Jackpot. This pot is taken by the player that wins the match by achieving a series of objectives, which vary according to the game mode.

Minimum Jackpot guaranteed: It’s a pot we can take just because of the fact we are playing a match that fills a series of requirements.

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