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Tricks to win at Bingo

Although Bingo or a raffle are strictly a game of chance, there are ways to up your possibilities of winning at it. We don’t have the power over the numbers that appear, but we do have it over the possibilities of shouting Bingo. Bingo is a simple game, so the methods used to amp the possibilities of winning are also simple.

The following tips apply mainly to traditional Bingo, which consists of a metallic sphere acting a the raffle machine which contains numbered balls inside it and then drafts one of it at random. That’s why it’s different from online Bingo, but don’t worry! We are also reviewing how to amp the possibilities of winning in the online bingo rooms.

Tips and tricks on traditional Bingo

In traditional Bingo there are no tricks as such, but tips that may help you obtain greater possibilities that you may end up shouting Bingo. In this case we have two advices or theories that may help you win.

Counting numbers

In traditional Bingo, the bingo players take it seriously and they understand the concept of the math behind the probabilities, they can use a more complex theory based on predictions. Depending on how many balls are in game (Meaning, depending on the game mode, like 75 balls bingo or 90 balls bingo) Theoretically a uniform pattern about how the balls are drafted exist. There should be an equal distribution of low pairs and high pairs, high and low numbers, numbers finished in 1, 2, 3, 4, etc…Thus, is logical to assume that the more time we are playing the more chances that all numbers are drafted.

If we have a pre-established budget, instead of buying a large amount of cards and playing less matches, the best tactic is to play less cards and more matches.

The mathematic analyst named Joseph E. Granville purposed the idea that the best way to win at bingo is to bow cards with an equal distribution of pair and impair numbers, high and low numbers and numbers ending in each digit from 0 to 9. His suggestion was that in a longer match we will get an equal quantity of numbers drafted, so it makes sense to have a distribution in each board. The problem with this theory is that the reputation of Mr. Granville as an investor is very poor, with a 20% mid-annual depreciation based on his ability as a mathematical analyst.

Tippett’s theory

The British L.H.C. Tippett suggested that the theory about randomness may or may not be true(there is no statistical evidence about these claims) but we can judge for ourselves. Tippett’s theory suggest that the more numbers that are shout on traditional bingo, the more probability they have to gravitate toward the middle number. For example, if there are 90 balls in the bingo game, and it’s a short match, we should choose the cards that have numbers closer to 1 and 90. In the case of it being a long match, we should choose the numbers closers to the middle number, which is 45. The more skilled bingo players know which bingo matches will be longer or shorter, taking into account different factors such as the number of players in the match.

Tips and tricks on online Bingo

Just like the traditional bingo, there is no such thing as tricks in online bingo, but there are some tips that might help you to considerably amp your possibilities of winning bingo matches, whether it be shouting bingo or line, if you apply these tips on each match you play. Keep in mind that these are just tips and they may not always help, but they sure will amp your possibilities.

Large amount of cards

You need to know your own capacities in order for this tactic to work. If we buy too many cards, ther is a big chance that we miss a number that has been drafted. That’s why we need to be skilled enough to manage the quantity of cards we buy. However, nowadays many bingo sites let us mark the numbers automatically, so it won’t be necessary to know our capacity in this matter.

What’s the difference in buying man cards or a few cards? Basically, if there are 20 players in a match and everybody buys 1 board, we have a 5%chance to win. Alternatively, if everybody has 1 board and we have 4, our possibilities of winning is higher than anyone else, because we would have a 17% chance of shouting bingo.

As we can see, the more cards we have, the more our possibilities of shouting bingo increase. We can calculate the probability of winning each match simply diving the number of cards by the number of people playing. Although it’s probable that some platforms don’t specify how many cards are on play in each match. Even if we make an assumption it will help, because it will allow us to have a broad idea of what the chances of us winning are.

Rooms with few players

Some say that the best way of winning is to make sure that there are few players on the match, taking into account the same concept, the less people are in the match, the more possibility of us winning there is. That’s why it’s important to combine the strategy of selecting the room with the previous strategy of buying a large amount of cards, because this way we have much more possibility of winning in a conventional match.

The rooms that usually have less players are the ones where the cost per board is really high, because people should have a bigger budget to play in this matches in order to win.