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October Cashback

This October, get ready to get your money back from your Costa Bingo deposits. Yes, you have read well, you can get your money back from your deposits.

october cashback

How can I get the cashback?

You have up to three chances of making it, in a game that will be played on October 30, 2017, at 10.30pm in the Bingo 90 room.

In this game, the cartons will cost 20p and you can buy up to 96 cartons.

The three chances to win the Cashback are Line, double line and bingo.

The Cashback that will be returned if you win one of these 3 prizes is the total amount deposited on the Costa Bingo platform between October 3, 2017, and October 29,2017. Although with a maximum limit of £250 and a minimum of £10.

I mean, let’s say you deposited £200 this month. If you play in the October 30th game at 10.30pm in the Bingo Room 90 and win the line, double line or bingo prize, as well as take the prize you get, you’ll get a £200 Cashback.

If you have deposited more than £250, you will only receive a £250 Cashback, as this is the maximum limit. In addition, if you have deposited less than £10, you will not receive any Cashback as it is below the minimum.

If there is more than one winner, the cashback you get will be divided by the number of winners. That is, if there have been two winners and your deposits during the month have been £200, you will receive a Cashback of £100 (£200/2).

Take advantage of this opportunity to get your October Cashback of your deposits at Costa Bingo.

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