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Payment Methods

Payment Methods are the way in which we make deposits in the different gambling houses or online bingo games. If we want to deposit funds, there are certain basic requisites that we must obligatory fulfill:

  • Be an adult (Over the age of 18).
  • Having a bank account or having authorization or access to a third party account.
  • Having a credit or debit card ( optional but advisable)
  • Having a copy of you ID scanned ( In order to withdraw the money from the gambling houses).

If we fulfill these requirements, we are able to make deposits into the gambling houses and play multiplayer online bingo with real money and having the possibility to earn money. However, it is important that the payment method we choose is always used under a secure and thrust-worthy platform, to evade problems like data theft, identity theft or non-authorized charges.

Which payment methods exist?

There are a great variety of payment methods. However, the gambling houses limit themselves to accept very few of them with whom they have prior agreements with. Because working with payment methods that have no ties with the gambling houses is really difficult, in many occasions, people that have stolen a credit card from a third party or PayPal, Skrill or similar accounts can steal their identities and use said information for their personal gain. That’s why is very important that every platform is ready to catch this kind of fraudulent activity. The main payment methods accepted by most of the gambling houses are:

Always keep in mind that every transaction should be made under a certified SSL domain (we must make sure that we are on a HTTPS domain).

Can I pay in cash?

Some payment methods like PaySafeCard allow us to make deposits in cash. Also, we have the option to make a deposit to a bank account specified by the gambling house, but this process proves to be slower, as it is the case with some bank transferences, and we have to make sure to indicate as a concept, the name of the user we have under said gambling house.

Which is the safest payment method?

There is no such thing as safest payment method, but we can make sure some of them give us the best protection we can get, so if there is any problem during the payment process or in the moment that we should receive our digital goods we can fix them. For example, platforms such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill, always favor the consumer and they act as intermediates in case there is some kind of dispute for the offered service.

However, in case we make a bank transference or a payment using platforms such as Telepago or PaySafeCard, we have less protection, due to the fact that the money is already on the hands of the gambling house, and in that case, they are always going tom act as judges of the dispute.