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Credit or Debit Card

The credit card is a reference and Identification instrument that may contain a magnetic strip, microchip and a carved number on its front. It is always issued by a banking entity (or bank) in favor of a physical person to be used on business adhered to each entity (VISA or MasterCard). In the case of the credit card, it is a financial modality, thus the user has to assume responsibility of the obligation of paying the disposed sum and also its interest and expenses generated by said sum.

credit or debit card

VISA and MasterCard are credit and debit card entities that work on a global scale. They are known as Joint Venture, a conglomerate of financial institutions offering its products.

VISA is one of the most relevant payment brands worldwide. VISA cards generate a large volume of sales going up to more than 3 billion U.S.D. every year.

Generally, on practically all the banking entities, there are some established limits when it comes to the sums you can pay, according to risk politics, personal characteristics and economic solvency shown by the user.

Credit and debit cards give more security to the user, due to the existence of an insurance in case of theft, loss or identity theft. Additionally, in the case that there is a problem we can always have a number on which they will help the consumer to solve any question we can come up with.