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PayPal is an Enterprise born in the United States that already operates throughout the world using an online payment system that accepts economic transferences between users of the same platform and it serves as an alternative to conventional payment methods such as bank transferences, bank deposits, checks or even notes.

To this day, PayPal is one of the biggest online payment companies and one that has much thrust and loyalty. PayPal gets a fee for every transactions their users make, except when it is a family member or a friend, in which case said fees don’t apply.

Unlike banks, PayPal doesn’t fall under the same laws as a banking entity, however, it must abide the regulations of the United States Treasure Department, as well as the European Union Financial Services Authorities, in order to prevent money laundering and unauthorized transactions between users.


Among the benefits that PayPal offers to its customers it’s the fact that PayPal offers a protection policy to the buyer for up to 2,500 U.S.D. ( or the equivalent in pounds), where the usual problems are covered, such as problems with the commerce or entity we are buying from. This is something much more favorable that other models such as bank transference, credit cards, PaySafeCard or Teleingreso offer. However, in the case that it is a non-tangible buy, such as services or digital products, this kind of protection is non-applicable, because there is no way to know for sure the veracity of such claims.

For every transaction made with PayPal, PayPal takes a fee, varying from 1,9% to 3,4% with a supplement of 0,35 euros to the receiver of the payment. Also, in the case that a transaction with a foreign currency PayPal also takes a fee , in this case varying from 2,5 to 4%.