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Do you know Pulse? The new bingo game from Tombola is here

The rumors were true, Tombola was preparing something new and finally, they have announced it: A new bingo game joins the platform of Tombola UK.

we didn’t want to wait to try it and give us our opinion, so if you want to know more, keep reading this post.

Pulse, a bingo game unsuitable for cardiac people

pulse tombola uk

This new bingo game is possibly one of the funniest bingo games we’ve played to date. It’s different from the bingo modalities to which we are accustomed, as it is the 36 ball modality. Wait, 36 balls? Yes, it’s a very unusual bingo modality, it’s rarely used, so we’ve never heard of it.

How do I play Pulse?

Our cardboard will consist of 12 numbers. These numbers will move around the screen, from top to bottom and from side to side, that’s why we can get a little nervous when we see that our numbers are not stopped to be able to dial them.

Don’t worry, at the bottom of the screen you will also have all the numbers that make up your cardboard in an orderly and unmoving way, so you mustn’t be overwhelmed.

The numbers that are being sung will appear at the top of the screen and will also be dialed in the number pane.

When one of the numbers you have on your cardboard is called, you should look for it among the numbers that are moving on the screen and dial it. At that very moment, the number disappears from the screen and is marked on the cardboard at the bottom.

You can also use the automatic dialling mode, where numbers are dialed on their own without you having to worry about finding them.

como se juega a pulse de tombola

How many cartons can I buy and how much do they cost?

In each Pulse game, each user will be able to buy only one cardboard. If you could play with more cards there would be too many numbers scrolling on the screen, so it’s quite logical that you can only play with one card.

The price of each carton is 10p and you cannot buy cartons for later items. That is, only each player can buy a single card for the game that will start. You can’t buy cards either while you are playing, so you should wait until the game is over to buy one cardboard for the next.

What are the prizes in the Pulse game?

In each Pulse game, there will be a bingo prize and possible progressive jackpot prize.

The progressive jackpot will be taken by the user who succeeds in singing bingo with 19 calls or less. If no one succeeds, the pot will accumulate for the next game.

The bingo prize is awarded to anyone who succeeds in singing bingo on 20 or more calls.

If more than one user succeeds in singing bingo on the same call, the prize will be shared equally.

Our opinion about Pulse

Tombola has broken through the barriers of traditional bingo and created a new way of playing that has never been seen before.

Pulse is a super dynamic and fun game, leaving no room for the boredom and monotony that traditional bingo can cause.

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