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Tombola Playmates

Since always, in order to play bingo we have had to get a lot of people together in one spot, because if there isn’t many people playing the game, it doesn’t make any sense playing at all. One way to achieve this has been on family dinners or Christmas, preparing the table to play bingo. Another way has been going out with friends to an official bingo room where we play against people we don’t know at all.

Online Bingo has transformed this way of playing bingo, and it is because nowadays we don’t depend on other people if we want to play bingo. We simply register on one of the online bingo sites available on the internet and start playing, because there’s always people playing.

Although there is something online bingo has robbed us from, those shared laughs and stand offs against friends and family when we play together physical bingo. On the online bingo rooms we are playing against people we don’t know, and the only thing we can do is interact with them through the chat.

That’s why, Tombola wants to solve this issue and they propose to invite friends to the same platform so we can join the same match or so we can let each other know when we see a new promotion or even when a fat prize is about to be shared and so we can participate on it, etc.

Besides this brilliant idea, they give us an incentive for doing it! A bonus! What else can we ask for?

tombola playmates

How to invite friend to play tombola?

You can invite friends to join tombola by gifting them a free £5 bonus to start playing. When they make their first deposit and have spent £20 of real money, you will get a £20 bonus, and it will be so every time they get revenues. The quantity of the bonus will be as follows:

  • £2 of real money when your friend wins £20 or more
  • £10 of real money when your friend wins £50 + a jackpot.
  • £20 of real money when your friend wins £100+ a jackpot.
  • £50 of real money when your friend wins £500+ a jackpot.

Besides, when they win on arcade games, you will also get revenues:

  • £2 of real money when your friend wins £100 or more.

What does your friend has to do in order to register on Tombola Playmates?

He will have to register on Tombola entering the code of £5 free when its required. In case the invitation is sent via email, he would simply have to click on the link and follow the instructions.

So there is no excuse to not play online bingo, now that we can play with our friends and also make extra money thanks to them.

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